International Music Competition Malaysia 2022 Grand Finals Awards

December 12, 2022 (Mon)  |  By

Congratulations To All Awards Winners!
We would like to congratulate all awards winners of International Music Competition Malaysia 2022! This competition has concluded with the Gala Concert & Awards Ceremony on the 11 December 2022. We hope all participants of IMCM 2022 have been inspired by one another and will continue to strive for the highest achievements in their respective disciplines.

We would also like to thank our sponsors for supporting us throughout the competition:
Sunway University
Yamaha Malaysia
Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Kuala Lumpur
Billennium IT Services (M) Sdn. Bhd.

The Awards Winners of International Music Competition Malaysia 2022

International Music Competition Malaysia 2022 Gala Concert Special Awards
Grand Prix & Carnegie Laureate Awards*
  • Toby Tan Kai Rong, Piano, Senior, Singapore
*Winner of the Carnegie Laureate Awards will be performing at the Carnegie Hall

Chopin Grand Prize
  • Toby Tan Kai Rong, Piano, Chopin Prize, Singapore
Most Outstanding Performance of Chopin Etudes
  • Chong Yih Yee, Piano, Junior, Malaysia
Promising Malaysian Talent (Datuk Ruslan Khalid Award)
  • Lee Xin Ying, Piano, Primary, Malaysia

International Music Competition Malaysia 2022 Awards
  • Andrei Slobodyanyuk, Primary, Singapore
  • Zhang Yinzhuo, Primary, Malaysia
  • Lee Xin Ying, Primary, Malaysia
  • Chong Yih Yee, Junior, Malaysia
  • 陈孜淏 (Chen Zi Hao), Open Category, China
  • Yan Fang Yu Chen, Young Talent, Malaysia
  • Cheok Yi Hsuen, Primary, Malaysia
  • Zhao Chu Jian, Junior, Malaysia
  • Michael Ethan Hoo, Junior, Indonesia
  • Kathleen Gracia Nauli Marpaung, Junior, Indonesia
  • Arjan Minken, Young Talent, Malaysia
  • Cravon Lee Reh Err, Primary, Malaysia
  • Tye Jay Xing, Primary, Malaysia
  • Tan Qian Ying, Primary, Malaysia
  • How Ru En, Junior, Malaysia
  • Chen Lillian, Junior, Taiwan
  • Ding Rou Yi, Senior, Malaysia
  • Kok Xuen Lin, Senior, Malaysia

Honorable Mention
  • Ian Chua Zheng Yan, Primary, Malaysia
  • Omar Muhammed Kifni bin Abdul Aziz, Primary, Malaysia
  • Chester Choong Ky Er, Junior, Malaysia
  • Esther Wong Yu Xuan, Junior, Malaysia
  • Tiew Zhi Sien, Junior, Malaysia
  • Sim Yee Hen, Junior, Malaysia
  • Ann Dolly Carlo, Senior, Malaysia
  • Soo Jie Hui, Senior, Malaysia
  • Stoffel Seah Zixiang, Open Category, Malaysia

  • Andrei Slobodyanyuk, Primary, Singapore
  • Kristen Lauren Ng, Young Talent, Philippines
  • Lee Ting Hui, Senior, Malaysia
  • Lim Xin Hui, Open Category, Malaysia
  • Momoe Kido, Primary, Malaysia
  • Choy Zi Syuen, Junior, Malaysia
  • Kaam Zilin, Junior, Malaysia
  • Lee Ming Zhou, Junior, Malaysia
  • Lee Zi Xuan, Senior, Singapore

  • Grace Shi-En Chew, Primary, Singapore
  • Lee Zen Yu, Primary, Malaysia

Note: Country refers to the contestant's country/region of residence at the point of application

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